Starting Your Project


The Shops Supt. (Jose Sanchez) is available for consultation when you are planning your project. Once you are ready to move past the conceptual phase and into the design phase, he will work with you to:

  • identify your project requirements
  • improve the constructability of your project
  • enhance the functionality of your project

Making the fabrication experts a part of your team early in the project is the first step to assuring a cost effective solution to your research needs. You can inform the Shops of what your project should be able to accomplish, when you need to have it by, the approximate budget you have for the work, and any other special information. Shops can advise you on design details related to appropriate material selection, capabilities of shop equipment, relative ease of fabrication for various designs, availability of materials and components, expected turn-around time for your job, functionality of alternative designs, and many other things.