Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) – Belt Disc Sanders





  • Access to Emergency Stop buttons
  • Ensure the machine and area is clean and free from obstacles.
  • Ensure all guards and adjustable table on disc sander are secured and correctly fitted.
  • Never use without extraction and appropriate dusk mask.
  • Never attempt an operation if you are unsure of what you are doing.
  • Never use for more than one operation at any one time- belt sanding or disc sanding.
  • Ensure the on – off switch works correctly.
  • Check that the sanding belt & disc are installed correctly.
  • Adopt a comfortable stance appropriate to the operation that you are performing.
  • Ensure work is held correctly.  Sitting firmly on right hand side of disc table.
  • Use firm, forward pressure without overloading the machine.
  • When you finish Isolate machine.
  • Ensure area is left in clean condition and any waste is removed.